Sunday, July 19, 2009

Show me the money!!!

Very recently, a well know actress in Mollywood (malayalam film industry, macha...!!) consulted her lawyer to file a divorce case against her husband of 6 months. That became the flash news in all Malayalam channels - experts/friends/lawyers called in to give their opinion. Serious (or seemingly) newspapers had the front page heading announcing this snippet the next day! why, why, why??? Isn't privacy a right anymore?

it kinda always surprises surprises, but amuses me that some people go to any extent to have money..or fame...even 15 mins of it. and most people like to see that on prime time tv.

Yes, i am indeed talking about the new breed of reality shows that is being aired by almost every general entertainment channel nowadays. Game shows - well..almost all are games right?? in a way or the other.

the other day, i caught an episode of 'Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamvar' on TV. Great!! now marriage is a game - a prize to be won & several contestants trying to better each other for the coveted crown. Slightly interesting to note that most of the contestants had some inclination/aspiration towards the glamor world. Is Rakhi trying to get her share of publicity or is the prospective-groom/winner getting his 'ticket to Hollywood'? Seems like a win-win situation for all involved - Rakhi, the winner & the producer of the show.

The part i liked the most was when one of the contenders when he was asked by Ms. Sawant on why he is being so introverted and reticent all the time replied that "i have a lot of stuff to tell you..lotsa things.. (this by the way seems to be the most oft repeated dialogue in the show).. but when i see people watching me.. i cant speak. i am a very private person"...heeeehahahhahahaha.. well, he did proceed to extol his virtues and his intentions in the next 5 mins - just 2-3 millions watching. no biggie !

Another thing about the movie i find really amusing is how Ms. Sawant lowers her fake eyelashes and looks oh-so-coy whenever interacting with husband(s)-to-be. Maybe it is a very obvious hint for a Mr. Johar to sign her up for his next 'filled with family values yet has modern outlook, shot in snow-capped resorts or skyscrapered city' movie

Then there was this "Moment of truth" or rather its indian counterpart "Sach ka Saamna"... Here, apart from publicly humiliating yourself, you could also break your parents' hearts, wreak your marriage and alienate your kids...all for what? for Rs. 10 million. You could at any point of time refuse to play more and leave with all that you have won(?). But why do that? Play on.. a few more heart-breaking, life-wreaking revelations never hurt any one, has it?? Even if it has, am sure it's not as big as anything that could not be mended by 10 million bucks. Or even better, haven't told your wife that you cheated on her?? or to your parents that you'd never forgive them for not buying you that pista ice-cream when you were 5? is your golden chance.

Then there was the MTV / Channel V shows - Roadies, Get Gorgeous, Teen Diva.. more and more..

Why do people - people like you and me and the general public want to see these shows? and more importantly why do we want to see the very personal and most embarrassing moments in other people's life? We hear about couples announcing their divorce on tv - explaining why they are doing it. Contestants rating other co-contestants - voting them out, speaking candidly and often very brutally about what's wrong with them... What if that person who is being verbally thrashed and singled out is someone we know or someone we care about.

We could always say that "nobody forced them to be in the show...if they don't mind sharing, why shouldn't we see?".. Long live free press/media & mediocrity.