Friday, May 13, 2016


Time and time again people prove that they are 'not against you, but for themselves'. Any injustice that was meted out to you, times you were judged based on assumptions and not facts, wilful distortion or partial truths they spread... All have origins in selfishness.

Such are the times I resort to reaffirming what I believe in.

- I believe in karma, that it would be a zero sum game eventually without me trying to seek vengeance

- I believe happiness is a choice, regardless of the situation... That hope, even when everything seems dark, is still a powerful driving force. I'm the Queen of 'having a good cry and getting over it' in record speed

- I believe in being speaking my mind.. Even if that is not the popular opinion, and being honest to my feelings.. It saves me from having a good memory

- I believe what's in store for me, what I deserve,  is unconnected to what someone else got, that I don't have to begrudge another's fortune

- I believe, and also proven many times over, that the silver lining in the cloud usually ends up being better than the opportunity I wanted earlier