Friday, August 04, 2006

On why I hate green

" I have a green member" my team lead (TL) told me very proudly.

Those of u who think I have started writing titillating stuff ..Hold on.. u haven't heard the whole story yet.

It was one of those days when I started feeling more like an old hag than a yuppie professional. Well, that is the only reason that I can give to my sense of color and attire. Maybe I was trying to cheer myself up wearing neon green t-shirt and a army green jeans with yellow patches. Now now..Don't go ahead and judge me.. Sometimes, I just feel like stealing the thunder from the black and green mainframe screen.

I walk into office and I see smirks, eyebrows raised... I feel pleased. Mission accomplished.

At that point of my professional life I was devoting my time and energy babysitting a batch of programs while they executed and did all sorts of mischeifs and basically report them back to the onsite fellas. If the report goes as 'green' ...Great...If the report goes as yellow or red.. I don't give a damn. I am like the talamasca members in Anne Rice novels (those who read the vampire chronicles and related, might understand).. I just stand back, observe and yawn.. Don't interfere.

but myTL belongs to the ' I take responsibility for my work' category.. He had been trying to instill in me the power of green and stuff.. And had lately given up. He saw me trotting over and mumbled something like "wish I could see that color in the report" or something similar...

Lucky day.. The report came out green. A moment of joy and celebration.. I call my TL over .. ask him to look at the report and pinch himself..throw in an indirect remark on how my feedback form should look very promising... how I should be given lesser work load.. and the usual grievances..

Amidst the congratulatory pats on the back and high fives.. He throws in the aforementioned revelation..

I stand there gaping.. Ok, I once had a crush on this guy.. I had described him as Amul Baby to a friend which he could have overheard. But all that doesn't warrant this..

Me (in rightful indignation) : sir, I really didn't want to know that...

TL (perplexed): huh? know what?

Me : what u said right now... (hmmph the nerve of the guy)

TL : that I have a full green team member now???

Me (realization dawning on me) : OHH... member..

At this point, I think he realizes what I must have heard (or not heard) and just walks off with a dejected sigh..


murali said...

*nothing but a dim rushlight*

keerthy said...

@murali: hmm..i know..but need to warm up before getting into the full swing. patience and patronage needed.