Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Onasamsakal - Onam Wishes ..u dumbo.

i know it's been quite some time after onam..but it's now that i finally got around my lack of free time (those who smirk and say 'laziness'..grr.. i got claws) ... so i thought y not upload an image of the flower rangoli that we made in our department.. so here is it.

HAPPY ONAM everybody.. even if it is belated.. what u see above is my design.. oh ya..i'm picasso.


Anonymous said...

Just found out this place. Tharakkedilla.. Athyavashyam thamaasha okke undu.


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Just read all of it. :)
It was a good read (except for a few of them)


PS: Not able to comment with my own id - because of some technical problem.

keerthy said...

@sands: thank you for reading through all the posts in my blog and actually coming up with a realtively kind comment. i am still a newbie into the creative writing/blogging arena and would need more of such constructive critisicm and patronage in the future as well. thanks again.

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Just thought you might freak out for "I pity you" kind of comment from a stranger. Keep writing, the readers will keep reading :)

btw, do you know Asha? (Asha and Martin - Kanbay Hyd)

- Sands.

keerthy said...

@sandeep: nope.am really thick skinned. so go ahead and ridicule.. and no again, i dont know asha and martin. i was in kanbay pune.

Ed Viswanathan said...

Good articles Keerthy. Please keep it up. Interesting as well as intriguing. Let me know what you think of my web page & book.

GunS said...

Good work Picasso... I felt the speciality of onam hands on for first time being in trivandrum now

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Keerthy
Have we met ever before?

keerthy said...

@ed: thank you ed. will be soon crashing on ur webpage and devouring it. for now a bit busy with placements and stuff..

@guns: good that u could get the hands on experience..though onam has been commercialised to an extent that i find repulsive.

@deepak:hmm..going by the photo..i dont think so..but then my memory is pathetic enough to be termed non-existing.