Monday, April 07, 2008

Just the way I am

"I am whatever you say I am
If I wasn't then why would I say I am
I dont know it's just the way I am"

...or so goes a song from Eminem.. and why suddenly the introspection and quest for self realization?? it's testimonial time durin the farewell phase of my MBA life in IIT.

anyone could write about anyone...and that could get printed in the year book. i wrote about a few - sarcastic, dry lines.. and some wrote about me...i wont go into who wrote what..coz i dont know all. names were withheld, but some i could guess. and some could have been anyone. what i liked was the intense contrast in the judgement..

for some ..i was hardworking.. the one who stays up till wee hours of morning, trying to be the perfectionist.. and for some, i could have reached heights if not for my laziness. I fail to see the common ground. for some..

and then there was the usual dancing, drawing - creative stuff. As the adage goes 'in the land of blind, the one eyed is the king'.. applicants to MBA program were not chosen for their artistic ability, and i happened to doodle more than i write notes in classes. my dreary and bleak hostel walls, combined with my intense boredom made them a good canvas to draw whatever i fancied... the end effect - it looks like a painting exhibition and i probably would have repaint the entire room before i hand over my keys.

Petty digression aside... what would your friends say, if they have been asked about you?? in a very candid, bare-all interview.. it could be an anonymous judgement.. what do they truly think of you?

Do they think that you are a pleasure to be with? or you are just lost in your own world..oblivious to everything?
Are you the eternal Miss/Mr. Sunshine?? or do they have to watch out for the mood tantrums?
Are you conscientious to the core so much that it is a pain?? or are u the unscrupulous kind when the situation so favors??
Do you encourage others..your loved ones..when they venture into new horizons?? or are you the anchor which weighs them down..ever critical..always the cynic?
Does any of your adjudicators see beyond the shell that you might have purposefully or inadvertently created? or are they just not bothered?
Does any one of them wish that they could preserve the memories in small bottles like perfumes...and smell it when they want to relive the moments??
Are you respected for what you are ?? or what you believe in??

.... and going back to what i started with..
are u whatever they say you are??


Pintoo said...

such a long brk b4 the next post.. do write often.. its fun reading :)

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