Monday, February 13, 2006

one hell of a ride

last weekend i went to mumbai...for an went really bad. was for admission to VGSOM,IIT-kharagpur. yes, i am yet another IT professional-turned-MBA-aspirant.
what i am gonna write about is not my interview experience...but what i experienced on way back. for people looking for a laugh. u can stop right here..this is not going to be funny.

i came back to pune by one of these private volvo' s which seems to offer everything except a comfortable ride. anyways... just when we were about to ride off to the sunset, a bunch of guys join in. 3 of them had their eyebrows pierced and one of the 3 had his lower lip pierced. and something resembling small dumb bells dangled from them. spiked hair, bandana, jeans worn so low that i wondered how it stayed up, chunky metallic chains, rings with weird designs on know 'the' look. fine ..each to his sense of fashion. i felt antique wearing my torn /faded jeans n floaters.

then the conversation not with me...amongst them..but loud enough for all to hear.. there was just one word which was being used as a noun,adjective,adverb and verb. a four letter word that even when i write down makes me feel squeamish.. goes.. f**k..

so these guys go on..roaring at the top of their voice (bleep)face, (bleep)ing bus, (bleep)ing mumbai, (bleep) everything and anything. everytime they used that word, i could see many ladies and elderly people cringing in their seats. i was angry and wanted to ask them to stop..but i dint,...well..coz i was scared..what if they shout "(bleep) off" at me too???

what i thought at that time was about their parents. would these guys behave the same way if they were there? i believe that if u have to express yourself, you should. but everything has limits. shouting crude expletives at the top of your voice is not a form of personal freedom specially if you are in a crowded bus. some words the lesser used, the better.


calvin said...

Dude u blog too ? good .

flutemastan said...

hey..keerthy i never knew u write so good.

Anonymous said...

Experience will teach you more :)


keerthy said...

@anonymous/sands: hope nothing in the similar vein is coming my way