Friday, March 31, 2006

An insight into the male mind...

Ever since I got myself registered with and written maybe a couple of lines (when I couldn’t ignore the itch), changed the template a coupla times, chose the font to my satisfaction(well, not quite...i am still in search of the perfect font)… I had forgotten abt a small space in this whole wide cyberworld which I can call my own. Hmm… well, I would have blogged if every other day in office was like today…now, that doesn’t mean that those who blog have nothing else better to do.
But this hasn’t become an obsessive compulsive habit of mine-blogging..and my uninteresting life is just that…uninteresting.. I even tried to derive inspiration from my past like gr8 bloggers/authors..but alas, either my past is also a boring B n W or I am not (yet) a gr8 blogger/author.
But this habit of mine… starting something and leaving it in the midst … is something which has been with me for quite sometime… books,classes,job... but hey, atleast I start very earnestly. Some ppl don’t even bother..ha..
Speaking of ppl who don’t even bother… the first line that comes to my mind is that by Bridget’s mom in “Bridget Jones’s diary” . gays are ppl who are just too lazy to relate themselves to the opposite sex.. hehe.. wonder if that is true.. could ppl be so lazy that they chose not to understand/appreciate/fulfill women’s needs and become gays? Naaa… I don’t think so… I think most guys would rather just be celibate than ….you know…
Well then again, I cant pass a general comment on this..this is just something that crossed my mind when I saw “Brokeback Mountain” with a bunch of guys.. all I could hear during the intimate love scenes were “ughh…yuccckkkk”… from my guy friends. Most of them couldnt even bear to look at the screen. Later I asked them to imagine a hypothetical situation where in Steven Spielberg comes up to them and asks them to be the lead star in a gay make it more interesting… let it be a film on a couple of friends who are like formula 1 racers… and flies space ships on weekends… only when they are not freaking out in their ‘bad boy’ bikes… ofcourse, the remuneration would be in tune of millions…. In $s ofcourse… would you do that???
A pregnant pause was the answer…

Disclaimer: in case this blog is being read (?) by anyone with same sex orientation, pls don’t be offended… everybody has a right to opinion, isn’t it?


calvin said...

Hmm dude , you dont think like a male. You never will .. u know that right ? So no more insights into the Male mind. As for the pregnant pause from the guys , you know what it mean right ? Instead of brokeback mountains , think the hot scene from Gia ( it is gia I think ) . And ask the same questions. :D

Oh yeah read these :

and .. urs truly

keerthy said...

i never meant to say i think like a guy...gosh..y should i ever stoop that low.. and for the pregnant pause, sorry to disappoint u.. one of them did reply in affirmative to accepting the there.

calvin said...


Prashant Saxena said...

Boy! Foot in mouth!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This post didnt keep up the standards. Sorry to say that.

If I were an actor, I would take that role without any hesitation. But since I am not an actor, I wouldnt be taking a role which otherwise would be given to Tom Hanks.

But if I be doing anything like that in real life, ... a NO is ofcourse the answer.

Personally I had been with a gay for a trip and have tried to understand their feelings. I have had not so good experience from him. But, Theirs is a different mind-set, even other males cannot understand.

I am sure that you cannot understand the feelings of females who are lesbians!! It's different. And I believe you can find them in IIT itself.


keerthy said...

@anonymous/sands: criticism,too, is always welcome.
even actors need to be secure about their sexual orientation and acting skills, i think, to potray a character as that.
yes, u r is a matter of mindset. but then each of us have a unique mindset as well. i dont think it is appropriate to categorise mindset on basis of sexual orientation. after all, you have interacted with only one guy in that group.y generalise?
havent checked the number of lesbians in IIT. if i do find them out, i will surely try to understand their feelings as well.