Tuesday, January 09, 2007

just spreading the good word...

ok.. this is not even trying to be funny.

i am just trying to increase your general awareness.. something about the dept of management studies in IIT-Madras and Samanvay, the B-fest we organised. do take some time out and read and if possible make others do so too..



and the official site,


thank you.


Gomes said...
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Gomes said...

aara ninte loyal blog patrons?

njaanum avaril onnu aayenne,but enikku ezhuthapuram vaayikkaan ariyilla!

look. one post dated nov 20,next jan 8. talk of irregular blogging and then u expect loyalty !

keerthy said...

@gomes: had a misfit while commenting?? comment of an earlier post on this one?? well..anyways, answering your qn, after the usage 'loyal patrons' i had put in 'all 3 of u'..thats how many i expect..

Sriram said...

feel proud to see DoMS in ET...
thanks for spreading the good word... a fellow DoMSian

keerthy karthikeyan said...

@sriram: though i havent taken names...this is the guy who got the ball rolling and made this happen..three cheers..