Monday, January 08, 2007

May I come in Sir???

To all the loyal and kind patrons of my blog (yes all 3 of u), maybe at times you have wondered 'does she actually lands herself in situations like these just so that she has something to put in the post??'....hmmph..precious little you know about me, i should say. If you think that i would take the trouble..the effort.. the time.. the audacity .. to be actually in places where I dont have any other go but goof up and make a total ass of myself to the delight of general public and embarrassment of friends (some less loyal ones pretend they dont even know me when out in public)..well i guess, i have to say, you are right.

I have no other logical (did i just use that word in my post? seems like i did.. heeeaaayyy) or even common sensical (oh boy! i am on roll now..) explanations to the stuff that keeps happening to me. not convinced?? want more proof?? oh yeah? oh yeah?? Well.. read on if you can take the truth..

For past few months now, i have been successful in shrinking my friends list in orkut by asking all and sundry for any kind of contacts in organization so that i could talk about my summer internship position with them. With enough pestering and blackmailing our class placement team members got me interview appointments with some firms as well... one of them was a leading automobile(2 wheeler) manufacturing company in India..

Day of interview
I read up about the company.. learn to rot my introduction song and dance sequence... scratch my brain or what is left of it for something intelligent or seemingly intelligent question to ask them even if they don't give me a chance at the end of the interview.

My turn... I walk in confidently in high heels, blazer suit..i envisioned myself on the shop floor. men in coveralls working on the 2 wheelers in the assembly line around me. Sparks from the welding machine, sounds of hammers, spanners... I walk on, acknowledging smiles of respect and awe. There seems to be a commotion at the end of the assembly line. crowd parts for me.. It's the new model. something just doesn't seem to be right.. The ignition isn't turning on. I remove a hair pin from my swept-up hairstyle. Tweak some minor bolt or nut... n then press the ignition button.. the engine purrs into life.. applause....and handshakes.. i smile and wave...

Board room meetings. Big men with big pot bellies in dark suits. Major discussion over the new marketing campaign. Heated arguments. i stand up from my seat. Make my compelling argument. Applause and handshakes again...

"there seems to be some mis-communication".... back to earth and reality.. I see the interview panelist (IP) looking at me with a quizzical expression on his face..

me: duh...
IP: seems we haven't been successful in effective communication with your placement committee members
me: oh...
IP: we don't take lady candidates for summer internship positions.
me: huh..

He proceeds to wait patiently for 5 min, watching realisation sink through the non-porous matters in my head and finally dawn up on me.

IP: sorry for the trouble.. as you can see, there is no point in having an interview.
me: duh..
IP: have a nice day then.
me: Ok..

I walk out of the room. I see the next applicant looking expectantly at me. 'How was it?' he mouths.. 'Just great..maybe just a feeling, i think i am gonna make this one. Good luck anyways.'.. i say..

p.s. Cheers and champagne are in order. I did get procure summer placement. But not in the anti-woman company though. For an international electrical company's market research section in India.. hip hip hurraaaay..

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