Wednesday, June 20, 2007


if u ask me y i havent been active and regular since march...i'd say that 'i never intended to be'.. but then, i know that is just giving you a cheeky answer and not my li'l heart's desire..

three reasons i dint have any posts are
1. nothing much of catastrophic significance happened in my life of which i can write engagingly and wittily about (as i normally do)
2. i was far away from civilisation for a few weeks...was in the cradle of my life (trivandrum..home...aaah) after college finally closed after 1 year of torture and fun.
3. i am doing my summer internship at a place where they have blocked out gmail and orkut and i assumed wrongly that blogger wud be blocked as well.. attention to these reasons and commit them to memory coz for lack of better ones, i wud be recycling them whenever i feel the need to.

but, did i give my typing fingers (index fingers of both hands) some rest??? no.. i had been typing (what else did u think?) furiously away all this time.. to a very unhappy list of readers regarding my escapades in b'lore...
here goes some movie reviews from a few of the mails.....

the ordeal called 'shootout at lokhandwala'..for those of u fortunate souls who missed the movie...i'll tell u what it was -
step 1. i = 1
and x= (shoot,shoot,utter cuss words to the tune of 'teri maa ki.. teri behen ki..'..., dance in shady bars)
step 2. i=i+1
step 3. check if audience is dead.
step 4. go to step 1
now..if any of u wisecracks reply n tell me that the value of i fluctuates between 1 and 2..i am gonna never write a post again..(just kidding..i'm in this for life).

Pirates of Carribean
have anyone of u told bedtime stories to a 4 yr old who refuses to sleep..?? well..PoC 's script was written in a similar fashion.. i can imagin the story-writer narratin the story to the producer (the 4 yr old)..

SW:and then they go off on a big black ship..

Pr: (getting bored)..and then??

SW: suddenly, a storm appears...a whirlwind..zephyr..

Pr:(getting interested) and then..

SW: the captain starts rocking ship ..shifting the mass to and fro..ship sways.. the storm is nearer..the ship sways is abt to topple..or will storm tear it to shreds..topple..storm..topple..storm..

Pr:(eyes aglaze...edge of the seat) and...and..

SW: so, u interested in makin this???
just when u think that is it..a new character, or a new twist appears.. sometimes, just to use the graphic effects..(the Comp Graph guy might have said :'hey director, i figured this kewl way to make a ship move on sand as if it is movin on waves....y dont u ask the scriptor to write that up in the story??')..

but all in all..a good movie..u see a deliciously sexy orlando bloom and a rag-picker look-alike johnny depp..just that once in a while, they and the rest of the crew could use a bath..

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