Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spotlight or Nappies???

everywhere u look..provided u r looking at the newspapers, ibnlive, gossip columns...u'd see a scantily dressed britney spears... and the general population giving her expert advice. she has become the international 'throw ball to drown clown' that you see in fairs. though i detest the amount of quality media space that is given to irrelevant and unimportant events.. there is something that makes me ponder..

u have in front of ur eyes.. a woman [oops..something between a girl and a woman, going by her song] who let her career [ and common sense ] take a back seat to marry and to procreate... and then she tries to come back..

people speak of throwing away her career for what she thought was gonna be a happily ever after. i wonder, is career and domestic bliss mutually exclusive for a woman? how much of the criticism directed against her is really valid..rather than just the general spite?

true..she has put on weight and is outta shape. but then, she also had 2 kids.
true.. her dance movements are nothing like what it used to be. Compare it with the yesteryears VMA performances and the difference is mind numbing. Gone is the agile, flexible, nimble footed & spirited diva. The latest one showed her gasping to keep in pace with her co-dancers..n failing. You almost feel the angst thinking of the 'wasted' talent.

But this feeling of angst.. y is it always directed at the woman who wants to marry when in prime or near prime of their careers? y is it that they are thought to abandon a plum, exciting future for a tame life? U never see the public uproar when a guy gets married. and in corollary, when a woman do get married, y do we expect her professional life to take a back seat? y are highly successful women, perceived to have strained relationships with their spouses?

i can only pity britney.. she had made a couple of wrong choices in her life. i wonder how that is not possible when u r under media scrutiny all the time since u were a teenager. she ended up with a money-mismanaging husband, 2 kids, a shaved head and rehab - most of which i guess she dint plan to have. but then, braving it all, she is trying to be back where she felt the most comfortable.. and, she gotta convince the whole world.. that she still has it in her... more so now, than when she was trying to establish herself as a new entrant.. image make-overs are always so more difficult than just image making.

till she redeems herself, she would be talked about - with sniggers n tsk-tsks.. a price she has to pay for doing what she wanted... a price for trying to make a family while she should've broken more album sales record..

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