Thursday, May 18, 2006

And I am outta here...

Last day in office... Not very surprisingly, I am not teary eyed or feeling mushy. I am just concerned about the money(which ofcoz I would have to get from my parents) that I have to spend to browse internet,chat, blog,orkut... All these activities that I have been doing for free till now.. hmm.. And yes, free coffee...And thinking of things that I would sorely miss(coz I am going home)...
  • staying with my room-mates..
  • getting home after midnight..n late parties
  • late night movie shows with friends..
  • mac donalds/pizza hut/shiamak davar institute dance classes
  • impulse shopping to the tune of thousands
  • eating out every other night
  • weird experimentational cooking
  • not tidying up my room/cupboard/kitchen
  • wearing clothes too tight/short/low
  • treasure hunt every night (my mom would remember where exactly I put my stuff)
  • pyjama parties
  • waiting for the last day of every month for the paycheque.
  • free internet, free internet, free internet
  • A/c cabin in this scroching heat from 9 to 5.
  • jamuns (the purple sour n sweet ones), pears, apricots, peaches,strawberries,lychees,mulberries and all other fruit varieties that I haven't ever seen sold by roadside vendors in trivandrum
  • the occasional trekking,parasailing,horse riding trips with friends.

waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...I am too sad already.. Pass me the tissue please.sniff sniff..pffffttt..Thank you..

I was sneaking around with a friend's digicam trying to get pictures of my office and not look like someone who would sell it to international terrorists given a chance. But couldn't click much.. People really don't like flashes in their eyes when they are coding. They also complained that I take too much time setting the camera angles and other finer details that they develop cramps being in the same pose. hmmph..No wonder we don't have any super models here..

going home..2 months... haaa... I am sure I'll be bored to death..

p.s. this is not meant to be a post..Was trying time pass blogging to kill time (what else?). Comments like 'go fly a kite, get a life' would put your life in great danger. (have I told you that I know voodoo???)


calvin said...

Dude , I will make sure that you wontbe bored to death . Leave that part to me :) Homecoming is .....awesome..You will know it once you get here OK ?

Sure you are missing parties and fun , but its for more fun right ?

Alit said...

Go take a hike! will also attract the same punishment ? -:P

keerthy said...

@ashik: yes sir!! i am sure u wont let me get bored...

@alit: yes..coz as far as i know go take a hike falls in the same category as flying kite,fish and getting a life. so here starts my voodoo... beware..

GunS said...

Hmm keerthi.. Just dropped in to say Hi .. well was suprised to see ur last day.. am i dreaming

flutemastan said...

hmmm! ippo entha paripadi veettil???

keerthy said...

@guns: thanks for dropping in.
@flutemastan: visit a barber.pls.

flutemastan said...

nee poyi valla hairmanagement il mba eduthitt vaa, namukk nokkam !

flutemastan said...

hey btw it seems like u are freezed in time. what happened after ur coming home??

murali said...

I stumbled while browsing through the myriad blogs out there, but luckily your blog broke my fall. Read one post, and then before long read them all. Too bad there weren't more. Keep writing.

keerthy said...

more like laziness rather than time wrap.

@murali : thank you. i promise i'd be more active in august. till then, i am hibernating.