Monday, May 08, 2006


"So..You wanna leave all these..and a pay cheque at the end of every month and study for 2 years??" With that she did a sweeping action across the room with her hands. All I could see in that otherwise empty board room was some cluttered chairs, a white board with words 'synergy', 'effective work', 'people centric', 'soft skills' and more such 'management' words written on them. I didn't think I would miss that.. Thru the glass walls of the room, I could see people poking at keyboards.. Most of them bespectacled.. None of them looked as if having a great time.

I was having my 'Associate Expectation Feedback' meeting. Fancy name for a talk where they try to bully/cajole/coax/blackmail/beg u to stay back in the company. But they knew it was useless with me.. I had made up my mind. Have had enough staring into black and green screens. In one moment of frustration I think I even said I wanted to play with some other type of software...called ideas. But then, what is so new abt a engineering-graduate-of-any-college-with-any-specialization-turned-software-engineer-aspiring-for-better/MBA/Onsite situation? Me?? I am the MBA variety.Nothing else will do.

So I hoped and prayed ..and maybe studied at times too, for a miracle which would entitle me for a seat for an MBA course in IIM.. ButI guess GOD was listening a bit too hard.. He gave me something more.. A seat in IIT-M. (its just an alphabet more...The rest is ranging from mediocre to better than average).

"How did u find ur tenure with us?".. I cut short my flashback to concentrate on the question at hand. RS, the one who is taking my feedback is looking at me quizzically.. "good, very good, extremely satisfying".. She went on..

"OK-ish.. I suppose, I don't have any major grievances", i replied.
She looked real happy to hear that. "ha !" ..and made a tick against 'extremely satisfied'..

"How was the office atmosphere like?? friendly?Colleagues??" she probed..
"Well.. i wasn't sexually harrassed..but with frequent shifting of teams and practically no team activities, i barely know the names of all my team mates to call them friends".

'hmm.." and she wrote something in the book, which turned out to be 'Atmosphere in office highly conducive for effective work and extremely safe for female associates'.

"That's....thats not what i meant"....i protested mildly. "This is just for official purposes. u go on.tell me, y exactly are u resigning?"

I wondered if saying the reason of higher studies a couple of times more would make her believe that i am quitting coz i really do want to be unemployed for 2 years and not coz i have some better job offer in my kitty.

"Coz i got into IIT-Madras for MBA". i replied with a straight face.
"Good. good. and ur native place is quite closer to Madras,right? Isnt that y u r leaving? Closer home? eh?"
i thought i would give in.. i had a good mind to tell her that even if the institute was in Jammu & Kashmir, i would have gone.. but then, that would lead to further qns...
"Yes.. quite close by.. i can just jump over" ..
"Ah"and she wrote next to reason for resignation as 'want to be closer to home'. (What am i? A homing pigeon?).

"Would u be coming back? After you are done?" (done what?? being closer home??)
"i dont suppose so"
"No? Dont u like it here?" ..she looked insulted. And genuinely disappointed that i wont be coming back...
"Uh..coz this is basically a s/w company. There is nothing much for an Management graduate to do here.. i have talked to some in this company itself and ..they say, they dont even have a job"...

"mm..ok". she said finally..Finally, i could get my point across.. was gonna give myself a pat on the shoulder I when i saw the entry on the form 'wanna work in small management companies rather than big technology driven ones'.. hmmph..

"Why did u write it that way?" i couldn't control myself any longer..
"Well.. if we cant help our attrition rates, atleast the associate satisfaction survey should show a rosy picture.. " she smiled beatifically, wished me a good day and left...


Maverick said...

dont blame that poor lady. how can she bear the thought of loosing such a 'heavy weight' resource like you. :)) jus kidding.

nyway all the best for ur tenure at iit-m

keerthy said...

@maverick: oh, i wasnt blaming her at all. though heavy weight, atleast u called me a resource.. i am honored. thank you.

calvin said...

Awesome piece dude. Its getting better, well cooler , I donno what to say.

O I agree with maverick on the "Heavy-weight " resource lose :D

Btw , Software engineers as you see are mere work horses. You really should go to small technology drivan companies to see real software engineers and software architects. Or else you should go to places like MS / Google / Novell / Redhat . Or you should just browse . :D

keerthy said...

@aashik: [wiping tears of joy] thank u..for being so kind.
well, i dint want to be a s/w engg in the first place, but was willing to give it a try. but somehow being a micro fly in the crowd was such a morale non-booster. the max impact that i could make in a proj is maybe the length of a field in an online screen. big deal.

calvin said...

=)) The max impact i could make is bring [Insert German car manufacturing company / German Televison channel name here]'s network . :D. Thats why i Prefer to be a software engineer , in a small company .

Gautam said...

Hi, good one. Hope what u told abt rekha is not all, true. Or did she really wrote it that way?

Alit said...

All the best for your IIT-M stretch, keerthy!
And hope you will be still around to blog more -:)

keerthy said...

@gautam: most of it is true, she did exaggerate my feedback. best thing is she wrote it down in a register type book infront of me.

@alit: thank u alit.hope i emerge with bloggin itch still er..itching.

Anonymous said...

Your exit was then actually kinda cool.. :)
I had a terrific experience... in which I resigned before I was sure that my next destination is ready to take me :)


keerthy said...

@anonymous/sands: oh..i salute ur guts. but then again, even if i hadnt got in any b-school i would have left the job in that period itself.

Anonymous said...

I get an impression that u r one naughty (~)little brat!

keerthy said...

@anonymous: hmm.. n i get an impression that u might actually be right on that.